Choosing a Boarding Kennel or Cattery

Need to have your cat or dog stay at a boarding facility for a few days? Or maybe a bit longer?


Are you unsure who to entrust to care for your beloved family member?

We prefer not to advise of specific kennels or catteries as every pet and owners needs a different and facilities can change with changes in ownership and staff. Instead, we have put together a kennel and cattery checklist.  You can download this checklist and use it to help make a decision on where to send your pet.

In short, you should contact at least 3 places and visit the facility you think you will send you pet to.  If you feel comfortable that the boarding animals are happy and well cared for and you feel comfortable with staff you meet, the place is probably suitable for your pet.

This checklist will help you with the questions you should ask: 

SRVC-Choosing-a-Cattery-or-Kennel---Checklist.pdf (36KB)


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