Consultations are by appointment only, but sometimes you just can't get an appointment at a suitable time or you need to send your pet in with a friend or family member who may not have all the answers to our questions. In these cases, or if it works better for you to leave your animal with us for the day to be examined while you are at work for example, we are now providing a form for you to complete with a lot of the common questions we would need to ask to help us determine your pet's ailment 

This can be completed when dropping off your pet, but in the interests of saving you time during drop off or if you are sending someone other than yourself with your pet, we now provide this form on our website. It can be downloaded and printed off, completed at home and brought in with your pet. This will greatly assist us in helping us get to the bottom of your pets ailment.

If we require any further information, we will give you a quick call.

Please remember to always leave us a number you will be available on ALL the time while your pet is with us.


Click here to download the form: Online-form-v2.pdf (66KB)