Dog Walking Areas in and around Christchurch

by Gina Cameron, VN

Tired of the same old walk around the block? Want to try something new? Here are some popular dog parks and walks to check out.

The Groynes Dog Park


  • Where: 160 Johns Road, Belfast


At the Groynes there is a securely fenced separate area specially designated for dogs.  It contains:


  • An obstacle course; two clean spring-fed streams for dogs to swim or splash in.
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Wash down areas for dogs
  • Doggy doo dispensers and rubbish bins
  • Picnic tables and seating are provided next to the carpark area – dogs must be on leashes in this area.


Note: The rest of The Groynes Reserve is totally prohibited to dogs.


Hours of operation: 8am daily until a half hour before sunset.


Image source wikimedia commons


Styx Mill Reserve Dog Park


  • Where: Entrances from Hussey Road and Styx Mill Road.


This is a securely fenced area for dogs. It contains:


  • Two lake areas
  • Toilets and carparking


Hours of Operation: 7:30am daily, closing at 5:30pm in winter or a half hour before sunset in summer.

Horseshoe Lake Reserve Dog Park


Where: There are several entrances; Lake Terrace Road, Horseshoe Lake Road, Broomfield Terrace or New Brighton Road.


This is a securely fenced area. It contains:


  • A dog agility course.
  • Limited seating and parking for owners.



Victoria Park Dog Park


  • Where: Off Dyers Pass Road (connects to south end of Colombo Street) or off Victoria Park Road.


This is a securely fenced are in the Cashmere Hills. It contains:


  • Rocky outcrops, grasslands and steep climbing ridges to exercise your dog.
  • Fresh drinking water.
  • Doggy doo disposal bins.

Hours of operation: 7:30am daily, with closing times of 6pm in winter and 9pm in summer.


Halswell Quarry

  • Where: Halswell Quarry – via Cashmere Road or Kennedys Bush Road


Halswell Quarry has a dog exercise area where dogs may be off their leash. This area is not a designated dog park however, and is unfenced. Dog owners should be aware of other park users and keep there dogs under control at all times. It contains:


  • Plenty of carparks
  • Two toilet blocks

Bottle Lake Forest

  • Where: Waitakiri Drive, Burwood


A map of the forest can be obtained from or the information centre at the car park.


Dogs love running through the forest and there are places for them to stop and have a swim.


It is not a designated dog park and is unfenced. This is a very popular place for active sportspeople, families and dogs so dog owners should be aware of other park users and keep their dogs under control at all times.

Hours of operation: 6am to 11pm year round.


Do you know about any other good dog walking areas in and around Christchurch?


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