Long Haired Cat Grooming

Written by Dr. Francesca Brown


Have you ever seen a long haired cat in the wild? The answer, of course is no. This is something we humans have bred because we like the look of them.

Unfortunately, for the great majority of long haired cats, they do not have the ability to groom themselves without significant additional help from their owners. Their ability to self groom is further reduced if they are overweight or obese (over 50% of cats now fall in this category).



They need to be groomed daily


This means that you need to groom them, all over, EVERY DAY. To have the best chance of succeeding in this, firstly you need to train them well as kittens, to enjoy a groom. Secondly, you need to be consistent and make sure you put the time aside every day. Thirdly, you need to make sure you have suitable equipment for the job – not every cat will like the same thing being used. We can help you with grooming equipment options for your long haired cat.

If you have got into the situation where your cat has a few minor knots and think you can cut them out, make sure that before you take scissors anywhere near the coat, place a comb between the skin and the knot, then cut over the comb. This prevents any accidental cuts to the skin that later require stitching up at the clinic.



Is your cat already very matted?


If your cat has got past the point of no return, it is essential you make an appointment to get them groomed. We are able to do this at both our branches. It involves sedating your cat and grooming out as many knots as possible. Where matts are extensive and grooming them will cause damage to the skin and pain for your cat, we use the clippers to remove them.

If your long haired cats coat is allowed to matt, it is uncomfortable for your cat as it pulls, and it creates a nasty micro climate in the coat under the matt which causes skin damage and is a nice place for bacteria to multiply too.

If you have a long haired cat, that has some knots or is fully matted, give us a call today to ask about getting it sorted out. If it isn’t matted yet and you haven’t groomed it today, get to it now!

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