Mis-mating (aka accidental mating)

by Chantal Moreton 

What do you do when your dog gets mated or becomes pregnant when you don't want her to (i.e. male was too big, she is too young or you just don't want her to be pregnant) 

Ring our veterinary clinic to discuss the best option, usually from this list:

  1. There is an injection you can give her within the first 48 hours of mating that will stop implantation of the embryos thereby stopping the pregnancy. This involves 2 injections 24 hours apart but can be quite expensive and can sometimes affect future fertility.
  2. If pregnancy is discovered later in the cycle (up to 45 days) then the same series of injections as described above can be given but this is “abortion” and can pose an ethical dilemma for some people and can also cause stress for the bitch – she will have to go through the delivery process
  3. Speying your bitch approx. 3 weeks after mating is an option – again abortion but the bitch doesn't have to have the hormones or go through the delivery process. However this obviously ends her reproductive abilities.
  4. Confirming pregnancy by ultrasound at approx. day 28 then deciding on which process to use if she is in fact pregnant is also an option.
  5. Proceeding with the pregnancy but requiring veterinary assisted help during whelping (i.e. caesarean) is a possibility as well.




Image source wikimedia commons


If you don't want your dog to get pregnant but don't want to spey her then you can also get an injection approx. every 4 months to stop her from coming into heat – this is a painful injection that can affect future fertility and is not always successful so needs to be discussed with your veterinary however it is definitely an option in some cases.


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