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Issue 44, Spring 2019
Heart Disease Straven-Newsletter-Spring-19-FINAL.pdf (108KB)
Issue 43, Winter 2019
Bad breath and cat fighting
Straven-Newsletter-Winter-19-FINAL.pdf (104KB)
Issue 42, Autumn 2019
Anal glands, rehoming older or special needs pets
Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-19-FINAL.pdf (174KB)
Issue 41, Spring 2018
Kennel Cough, Fleas
Straven-Newsletter-Spring-18-FINAL.pdf (88KB)
Issue 40, Winter 2018
Weight management
Straven-Newsletter-Winter-18-FINAL.pdf (79KB)
Issue 39, Autumn18
Introducing new pets, Feeding cats
Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-18-FINAL.pdf (104KB)
Issue 38, Summer 17/18
Harmful consumables
Straven-Newsletter-Summer-17-and-18-FINAL.pdf (79KB)
Issue 37, Spring 2017
Successfully moving cats
 Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-17-FINAL.pdf (109KB)
Issue 36, Winter 2017
Pyometra, Guinea Pig Dental Problems
Straven-Newsletter-Winter-17-FINAL.pdf (106KB)
Issue 35, Autumn 2017
Cruciate disease
Straven-Newsletter-AUTUMN-2016-FINAL.pdf (63KB)
Issue 34, Summer 16/17
Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease and asking the right questions to check you are in a position to own a pet
Straven-Newsletter-Summer-16-and-17-FINAL.pdf (91KB)
Issue 33, Spring 2016
Behavioural management, Feliway, Adaptil
Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2016-FINAL.pdf (74KB)
Issue 32, Winter 2016
Lead Poisoning
Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2016-FINAL.pdf (77KB)
Issue 31, Autumn 2016
Toxicities and Diabetes
Straven-Newsletter-AUTUMN-2016-FINAL.pdf (63KB)
Issue 30, Summer 15/16
Lumps and Bumps, Obesity
Straven-Newsletter-SUMMER-15-and-16-FINAL.pdf (254KB)
Issue 29, Spring 2015
Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2015-FINAL-v1.pdf (237KB)
Issue 28, Winter 2015 Antifreeze poisoning, Keeping your pet warm Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2015-FINAL.pdf (237KB)
Issue 27, Autumn 2015 Pancreatitis, Dog registration Straven-Newsletter-AUTUMN-2015-FINAL.pdf (171KB)
Issue 26, Summer 14/15 Hot cars, Choosing a pet food Straven-Newsletter-SUMMER-2014-2015--FINAL.pdf (167KB)
Issue 25, Spring 2014 Blood testing, Noise Phobias Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2014-FINAL.pdf (186KB)
Issue 24, Winter 2014 Arthritis Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2014--FINAL.pdf (334KB)
Issue 23, Autumn 2014 Lost pets Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-2014-Final.pdf (232KB)
Issue 22, Summer 13/14 Inherited diseases and Poisonings Straven-Newsletter-Summer-2013-2014--FINAL.pdf (301KB)
Issue 21, Spring 2013 Puppy and kitten care, Broadline, Interesting words that vets use. Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2013-FINAL.pdf (246KB)
Issue 20, Winter 2013
Macadamia nut poisoning, mid winter function and pet insurance. Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2013--v2-FINAL.pdf (171KB)
Issue 19, Autumn 2013 Our new first aid kits, new staff and our website relaunch.
Straven-Newsletter-AUTUMN-2013--v2-FINAL.pdf (155KB)
Issue 18, Summer 12/13 Choosing a new pet and places to walk your dog in Christchurch Straven-Newsletter-SUMMER--2012-2013--v1-FINAL.pdf (57KB)
Issue 17, Spring 2012 Pet Portraits, Puppy Preschool, Sun danger, exercise, weight gain Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2012-v2-FINAL(1).pdf (100KB)
 Issue 16, Winter 2012 Feeding rabbits correctly, Cats and fighting Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2012-v1-FINAL(1).pdf (81KB)
 Issue 15, Autumn 2012 Backyard Poultry, Guinea Pigs as pets Straven-Newsletter-AUTUMN-2012-v2-FINAL(1).pdf (84KB)
 Issue 14, Summer 11/12 Managing caged birds,speying and neutering Straven-Newsletter-SUMMER-11-12-v2-FINAL.pdf (111KB)
 Issue 13, Spring 2011 New puppy and kitten information pages, How to tablet a cat successfully, Cat scratching and urination problems Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-2011-v2-FINAL(1).pdf (117KB)
 Issue 12, Winter 2011 Simon's cat, Causes of Diarrhoea, Leaving your pet for a consultation Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-2011-v2-FINAL.pdf (103KB)
 Issue 11, Autumn 2011 Itchy dogs, Training to be a Veterinary Nurse Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-2011-v2-FINAL.pdf (99KB)
 Issue 10, Summer 10/11 Rabbit Calici virus, Pets and sun safety Straven-Newsletter-SUMMER-10-and-11-v2-FINAL(1).pdf (93KB)
 Issue 9, Spring 2010 Disaster Preparation, Common food toxicities in pets, environmental toxins Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-10-v1(1).pdf (90KB)
 Issue 8, Winter 2010 Bandaging and Wound Care, Blocked Cats Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-10-v2(1).pdf (97KB)
 Issue 7, Autumn 2010 Microchipping, the coughing pet Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-10-v1(1).pdf (93KB)
 Issue 6, Summer 09/10 Obesity in pets, hyperthyroidism in cats, getting a new kitten Straven-Newsletter-Summer-09---10-v2(1).pdf (109KB)
 Issue 5, Spring 2009 Fleas, Vaccinations and Holiday care, Fireworks, Grooming long haired cats, Nurses clinics Straven-Newsletter-SPRING-09-v2-FINAL(1).pdf (97KB)
 Issue 4, Winter 2009 Arthritis, Website launch, Weather Beeta Coats, dog training Straven-Newsletter-WINTER-09-v1(1).pdf (95KB)
 Issue 3, Autumn 2009 FIV, Kennel Cough Straven-Newsletter-Autumn-09-v2(1).pdf (149KB)
 Issue 2, Summer 08/09  Feeding your pet bird for health, Cortavance Straven-Newsletter-Summer-08-09(1).pdf (270KB)
 Issue 1, Spring 2008 Seasonal advice including flea treatment, vaccinations, and weight control.  Straven-Newsletter-Spring-08-v1(1).pdf (92KB)