Pet Portraits

Dr Eve Allely is one of our vets at The Straven Road Veterinary Centre and at our Animates Veterinary Centre at Papanui. But did you know she is also an artist producing  pastel portraits of animals ? See the side of this article for some examples.



Animals. Her most common subjects to draw are dogs and cats, although Eve is open-minded. The most important thing for her is  good reference photographs. She prefers a few photos from different angles, nice and close up so she can see detail, especially of the animals fur/ coat. Eve prefers one animal per portrait as with multiple animals in the same picture such detail becomes compromised.



Approx 50cm x 60cm on textured coloured paper. This size fits into a typical large photo frame, or of course you can take your pastel drawing and get it professionally framed. If you do have a different size in mind, just check with her.



Currently $150 for a 50cm x 60cm pastel drawing.

Time frame:


1-2 months. Eve likes to have drawings completed in a couple of months from time of order. This time can vary depending on how busy her veterinary work is!  It is very rare that she will not complete a portrait  within that time frame.

How to order:


Email. Please email your details through to Eve at , with some photos. Let her know which photo you like the best, so she knows which angle she is drawing from and so your picture is what you are expecting. If you have any questions please email them through to Eve and she will email you back.



On pickup.