Puppy Preschool at Straven Road Veterinary Centre


Attending Puppy classes with your new family member is an extremely important part of having a new canine friend. These classes not only help your puppy understand appropriate social interaction in a safe environment but also teach you all the latest in starting out on the right track to having a healthy, happy and well socialised new member of the family.

The Classes


These classes are run to help you get an insight into your puppy's mind and its behaviour. You will get some training tips and practise, as well as some veterinary advice from one of our own diploma trained veterinary nurses. Get well informed and get your puppy used to coming to the veterinary clinic for a fun time.

Every class you will have a chance to learn valuable training ideas for your puppy and practise what you have learnt from the week before. It is also a great chance for puppies to socialise with other pups at a similar age. This is very beneficial for puppies at this age so they learn how to interact together and for you to learn what some of their behaviour means, and it is all done within our controlled and safe environment.

We keep our numbers of pups per course limited so there is plenty of room and time for all puppies and owners.

Added Bonus:


We have some great deals in our puppy packs as well!


How long is the course:


4 weeks (approx 1 – 1 ½ hours session each week)

How do I book:


Just call us at The Straven Road Veterinary Centre on (03) 3489 728 or our clinic at Animates Veterinary Centre Papanui on (03) 3525 749 and book in with us then.