Stressed Pets


Pets after a disaster

by Dr. Francesca Matthews


Christchurch suffered a devastating Earthquake on 22nd February 2011.  Not only have humans lives been turned upside down, so have those of our pets.  A natural disaster can happen at any time and our pets will be affected. 



Basic needs


in the event of an emergency, please ensure you pet has basic needs such as food, water and medical care.  if you are struggling to provide this please contact the RNZSPCA for assistance.


If you are aware of any animals that have been left behind in the rush to escape a natural disaster, or have been abandoned or are hanging around your area possibly lost, please make sure that you contact the RNZSPCA so they can recieve the basic care that they require.



Stress and Anxiety


Pets suffer stress and anxiety just like humans and need care, attention and sometimes medication to help them through.


If your pet is showing any signs of anxiety, such as hiding away, howling, licking excessively, shaking, refusing to be left alone and other such symptoms please contact us to discuss what you should do.


Just like children, provide them with lots of love and comfort and keep calm around them.  They will follow your cues.  For mildly anxious animals this will help.  There are also over the counter remedies such as sed-a-pet or pet calm which can help some animals.  DAP or Dog Appeasing Pheromone and Feliway (feline pheromone) are excellent too.  These can also be purchased over the counter at veterinary clinics.  If none of these work then we can dispense anti-anxiety medications that will help. 

Please don't let your pet suffer - we are open and here to help. 

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