Veterinary Care

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  • Consultations - if you need a consultation, but can't be seen at a time that suits or need to send someone else with your pet, you can fill out a detailed form and drop it off with your pet
  • Senior Pets - what do we need to be aware of?
  • Blood tests - why we do this and you can also refer to articles on senior, overweight and pre anaesthetic blood panels
  • Pets and surgery - what happens when I leave my pet at the veterianry clinic for surgery.  This artilce explains. 
  • Anaesthetics - the what, when, why and how of anaesthetics for pets
  • Dental Care - veterinary dental care and post procedure management
  • Prescriptions - rules we have to abide by and the reason these exist when prescribing medications
  • Medicating cats - tips on how to manage this challenge
  • Wound/Bandage Care - read about caring for wounds and bandages after veterinary treatment
  • Euthanasia - incuding articles on when is the right time and the grieving process.